Competitive, Sales Team, and Custom Research Shops

For 20+ years, we have provided the Alberta Real Estate market with reliable market level data gathering services. Our “boots on the ground” mystery shopping programs ensure you get the data that you need when you need it.

Better Data
Better Decisions

Having data that you can trust makes all the difference.  Our data collection program is meretriciously planned and scrutinized to ensure we deliver the data you need.

From onsite visits to follow-ups, we know that the decisions you make will have lasting impacts on both your business and your employees.

3 Shop Programs To Choose From

Competitive Shops

Starting from


Shop your competitors and get market level data that includes:

Sales Team Shops

Starting from


Choose time and demographic preference to match your customers and collect the information toon your teams:

Customized Shops

Pricing depends on

project scope

We can get you the custom data you need to make that next big decision. Ideal for:

For over 12 years we have provided our clients with comprehensive, awarding winning consulting and creative services.

  • Website Development

    Design & Programming

  • Branding

    Naming & Creative

  • Social Meida

    Content & Management

  • Leads Generation

    Target & Convert

  • Research

    Shops & Studies

About Us

Founded in 2011, at Blair and Co we believe that success comes from understanding the marketplace and your audience.

Every service we do is specially tailored to meet the needs of our real estate clients. From campaign implementation, to web design, research and every element in between, is built on the foundational belief that we must deliver beyond our clients expectations every single time.

We aren’t afraid of accountability, and telling our clients what we think is our way of providing your business a competitive edge that few agencies have the courage to do. You see we are are committed to success as we know we are only as good as our last project.