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Bold. Ambitious. Luxurious. Italian for eagle, L'Aquila is a 9 unit town home project located in McKinley Beach. Developed by North American Development Group the brand reflects the prestige of the water front homes and one of the most desired properties currently available in the Okanagan. We were tasked to convey the projects unique characters in a simple, elegant brand that spoke to the projects exclusivity and the tastes of the target audience.

Services Provided Included:

  • Branding
  • Social Media Management and Development
  • Website Development

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Elegance and refinement were the key tones of the L'Aquila brand. Using luxury brands we wanted to create an iconic, memorable feel that represented and spoke to the rarity and sophistication of the project.



Our final execution of the brand's look was tailored around minimal and exacting design standard. Every letter, every color diligently selected to reflect the exquisite feel of living in one of the Okanogan's most luxurious new properties.


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