3 Design Trends That Convert Leads

3 Design Trends That Convert Leads Inner Story

3 Simple Design Trends That Can Convert Leads

  1. A design method that is often used is having most of your content on the landing page and taking advantage of scroll. This allows the user to simply swipe up on their mobile device instead of constantly searching through different pages to find what they are looking for.
  2. A modular landing page breaks the page up into a multiple sections. This allows you to create a nice sense of hierarchy, and can better lead the user to the call to actions. You want to avoid information being clustered so you will want to utilize white space. By adding in whitespace, you can minimize confusion and help drive lead conversions.
  3. You pay per click, so why not take advantage of those clicks? A great way to keep the customer moving down the sales funnel is creating specific landing page for your online ads. This will keep your customer engaged and can drive up your conversion ratios.