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Segmented Advertising Programs:

How We Learned to Move Away From Traditional Marketing and Love Segmented Advertising

Advertising costs a lot of money!

Fortunately, with today’s online marketing opportunities and mobile devices, we have the ability to move away from traditional broad scope media. No longer are we required to buy a newspaper ad that is printed the exact same in 500,000 issues. Online advertising allows advertisers to set up as many creative campaigns as they wish, under whichever budget they choose. Geo-fencing and sniffers, ensure that the segmented groups are being targeted.

Marketing is now able to focus on multiple buyer profiles, using unique campaigns for each, allowing advertisers to target all demographics individually, without such broad strokes. They can create campaigns that connect with buyers on their wave lengths, using their language, showing the benefits that buyer is focused on.

Less money, more engaged traffic. That’s the new advertising model.