Why Should Your Company Have a Blog?

Why Should Your Company Have a Blog?

Why Should Your Company Have a Blog?

Content marketing, an umbrella term, encompasses any kind of content that is public on the web for promotional purposes, such as a corporate blog. Maintaining an active company blog is an important tool to consider when communicating to your audience, for a number of reasons.

A blog shows your company’s expertise within your field, providing value to your audience beyond the simple features of your product. In this way, you’re telling them why your brand and product should matter to them. This technique doesn’t always take shape as an obvious promotion of a product or service. Instead, the promotion of a brand can be woven throughout content that in other ways adds value for the customer, whether it solves a problem, tells a story, or provides an interesting opinion.

A blog also helps you remain competitive. Aside from acting as a platform to teach your audience more about you and your team, it can also improve your search engine optimization (SEO), allowing your business increased presence within Google searches for terms related to your business. By using relevant keywords and posting on a regular basis, you can begin to see your business come up more often in Google searches.

Content marketing is a practice that does more than just drive sales and convert leads; instead, it increases an awareness about your brand’s culture and, therefore, positions your company as a leader within your field.


By: Ashley Sherlow.

Social Media Coordinator