Why Remarketing is so Important in Online Advertising

Why Remarketing is so Important in Online Advertising

Why Remarketing is so Important in Online Advertising

Consumers flow through a number of stages of purchase intention, meaning that consumers often visit the same websites a number of times looking for different kinds of information. Usually in the discovery phase consumers will come across a site while casually looking into a particular kind of product, comparing the different features and benefits to similar products, but not ready to fully commit yet.

Days later, this same potential customer may see the same product on the sides of pages that are seemingly unrelated, bringing those items to their attention once again. As you may know, this is remarketing. This ad tends to contain information pertaining to that certain type of consumer, one that already has more knowledge about your product, serving to keep your product top-of-mind now that the consumer has left your site.

Why does remarketing matter? Quite simply, remarketing can catalyze conversion. The underutilized online marketing technique is a powerful tool for building brand recognition and, more importantly, converting leads. What may have been a lost lead is now a returning user, now seeking more information and a little closer to acting on their interest in your product, thanks to remarketing.

So, the big question then is, how do companies successfully remarket? In short, strategically targeting the right audience segments. Segmenting audiences appropriately, however, is not easy to do, and requires patience and diligent research in order to understand a consumer’s preferences, lifestyle, and mindset towards your specific product. In doing so, you demonstrate an understanding of some resistance points as to why the consumer clicked out in the first place and develop content that caters towards the reasons your consumer would choose you.


By: Ashley Sherlow.

Social Media Coordinator