Real Estate Advertising for Chinese in Calgary

Real Estate Advertising for Chinese in Calgary

Real Estate Advertising for Chinese in Calgary

Real estate advertising is targeting Chinese buyers due to the increasing number of sales from immigrants from China. Calgary is seen as an attractive market to purchase a house for Chinese, because of the lower market prices and growing economic opportunities.

In Calgary, the primary factors for Chinese buyers is:

1. Education (9%)

2. Investment (21%)

3. Personal Use (62%)

* By the Chinese website in partnership with Sotheby's International Realty Canada

In general, there are 3 themes that are emphasized in Chinese real estate advertising:

1. Family Value

Owning a home is not only a well-known aspiration but also an essential marriage criterion for most Chinese. A house can be a property passed by generations, as it is the root for the family. Therefore, “family” is always a main theme in advertising.

2. Nature and Kid-friendly Lifestyle

In order to provide more opportunities and better environment for their children, most Chinese come to Canada for its world-class education system and clean environment. Using nature and kid-friendly themes, such as a “river garden”, “park in your private playground”, or “bike to school” are commonly used as appealing selling features.

3. Luxury and Wealth

In Chinese society, face culture is referred to as a social consciousness of reputation and dignity. As a result, for Chinese, buying a magnificent home to show off their wealth and investment acumen will be the best way to “have face” with other people. Having phrases such as: “the king of villas”, “eternal glory”, and “Benz in villas” are all grand and appealing statements that help emphasize luxury and wealth. This advertising style focuses on branding, and high-end quality.


By: Betty Chiu

Graphic Designer