Sales Centre Technology

Sales Centre Technology Inner Story

Do you have too much tech in your sales centre?

There is no denying technology has come a long way in improving the buyer experience however contrary to what we are lead to believe, more is not always better. In our experience, there are two reasons why more is not better.

1) Technology upkeep becomes a chore

2) Technology is used as a social barrier

Based on our observation, the number one problem that causes sales centre technology to fail is not the technology itself but the person behind the technology. Technology will not work if we do not have a living, breathing being to turn it on, keep it working, and most importantly use it! There comes a point where the upkeep and use of technology becomes such a chore that sales people put it on the back burner and revert back to old ways- forgetting that buyers could incorrectly associate the non-functioning tech to the quality of the product that is being sold.

Now imagine the sales centre is alive and filled to the brim with technology. As amazing as technology is, it can be a distraction and can be used to avoid social encounters. Sales people might assume that the customer looks busy tapping away on an available touch screen and not bother to initiate conversation and customers can be guilty of looking busy with the technology as to not get harassed by a sales pitch.

The point in case here, is that as long as technology is used in the right amounts, for the right reasons, and the upkeep is done, then we’ve hit the sweet spot in using technology to help the sales process.